Moja Endorsements

Moja Chicken is making the right noise to the right people at the right places. Majority of celebrities and famous influencers have already graced the floors of Moja Chicken to grab the tasty Moja Meals. Moja Chicken is definitely making its footprint in the industry that is hard to penetrate by intensive marketing and brand building through all major platforms. Moja Chicken is currently the talk of town in Soweto and the entire country. Moja Chicken has ensured to recruit people from outside its vicinity to come and enjoy their magnificent meals. People have traveled from as far as North West to come and grab Moja Meals. The good thing about Moja Chicken is that it is open to everyone, the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown, males and females, kids and elders alike; Moja Chicken is indeed bringing a new taste that is shaking up the industry.

Izikhothane also says YES to Moja Chicken!
Bring your buddies!
Woza Nawe!
How can we help you!
Free Wifi!
Refreshing atmosphere!
Killer Kau!
Monster Hot!
Josta Dladla scored a Moja Meal!
Moja Chicken was the man of the match!
Somizi says "YES" to Moja Chicken!
Moja Chicken @ Metro FM Studios
Metro FM Says YES to Moja Chicken!
Mo Flava says "YES" to Moja Chicken!
Pearl Shongwe also says "YES" to Moja Chicken
Meet The Owner!
Moja Chicken's Owner attention
Take her out on a Date!
A great place for your chilled occasions!
Motlatsi Mafatshe
SABC 3 ISIDINGO Actors enjoying the Moja Vibe!
Moja Chicken serving our local celebrities!
Moja Chicken Stalls for outdoor events.

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  1. He monna Tloks, hela lockdown etla ke moo, maar ke tla go tsatsanka ka mogala wa letheka ka di 21 ke tsenya order ya koko tse pedi, ke ha Dobsie.

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